What is a Turkish towel?

turkish towel

And why does everyone love them?

Originally used in luxurious Turkish spas, the peshtemal or Turkish towel, is a large flat-weave towel known for being extremely soft, lightweight, and highly absorbent. Crafted from premium Aegean cotton, these long-fiber hand loomed towels are both durable and beautifully designed.

Though terry cloth has reigned supreme as the towel fabric of choice for quite a while, Turkish towels have gained popularity for their versatility and unique ability to unite form and function. At Home & Loft, we have tried and tested each design to ensure its superior quality; below are our favorite aspects of our Turkish towels.



We believe that the best pieces are made by hand which is why we partner with talented Turkish artisans to hand loom and hand knot each towel to perfection. Through this process, we are able to empower the artisans as well as craft beautiful pieces for our customers. We work with small groups and in small batches to focus on best practices, sustainability, eco-friendly initiatives, and thoughtful production.

Premium Fibers

Each towel is made with well sourced 100% long fiber premium Turkish cotton allowing it to be the softest and most durable flat-weave towel on the market. With each wash, the fibers loosen and become softer and more absorbent causing your towel to become more luxurious with wear!


Enjoy the ocean breeze as you lounge on your towel during the day and wrap it around you as a sarong in the evening. Our Turkish towels are incredibly versatile and often used as not only a bath towel, but a cozy small blanket, sarong, scarf, etc. Pro-tip: Because of its compact rolling size, it makes the perfect travel towel!

Healthier Choice

Woven using traditional looms in a flat-weave fashion (as opposed to the knotted technique of a terry cloth towel), our Turkish towels hang dry much faster than a traditional towel, trapping less bacteria to keep your home allergen free. Our hand towels are the perfect eco-friendly substitution for paper towels and are perfect for every day use.

Beautifully Designed

Designed in New York City by Home & Loft’s founder, Handan Anlar, each towel is both chic and fashion forward; styled with the sophistication and edginess of city and crafted with materials that evoke the comfort and coziness of home. Accented with hand-tied fringe, our towels compliment both your interior decor and your seaside outfit.

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