7 Must-Have Products from Our Favorite Things List

At Home & Loft, we want to bring the essence of our daily lives to our community, a place where we share our experiences, discoveries, and recommendations. As we wrap up our autumn season, we want to share our Fall Favorites List! 

In our effort to support other small businesses we love, we've curated a list of seven remarkable products for our community. We can't wait to take you on a journey through what we're currently obsessed with, as we dive into the season of giving.

Here are some of Handan's and Bekah's Fall Favorites:

1. Lindquist Faba Bag/Sling: “It was a hard choice to choose just one of Lindquist’s stunning bags – her pieces are truly beautiful. I had the privilege of meeting the owner at Field + Supply and will forever be huge fan. Not planning to take it off anytime soon!” -Handan

2. Primally Pure Candle: “I’m always on the lookout for clean, non-toxic, and well made pieces for my home and life. Primally Pure’s candles check every box. I adore their scents and can breath easy knowing that they source the cleanest ingredients!” -Bekah

3. Bombas Socks: “I am in love! Bombas merino wool socks are so cushiony and comfortable. They have been a staple in my closet for the past two years!” -Handan

4. Home & Loft's Brown Cream Nomad Scarf: “My favorite Home & Loft piece this season is our brown cream towel as a scarf! I’ve been wearing it non-stop and have been layering my Lindquist band on top.” -Handan

5. Laka Matcha: “I’m obsessed with everything Laka, but their matcha is my absolute favorite. Liz, the owner (and friend), is so intentional on every level. I can’t say enough good things about her matcha. Add to cart immediately!” -Bekah

6. Salt & Stone Body Wash: “You have to get the Bergamont + Hinoki scent. My daughter and I love this brand! I originally picked it up because I was drawn to the design style and typeface, but it’s now become one of my favorite forms of self care!” -Handan

7. Home & Loft’s Long Bathrobe: “I will never get over how much I love Home & Loft’s bathrobes. Somehow they bridge the gap between lightweight and breezy for the summer, but also long a cozy for the cooler months. My current favorite design is the Yellow Ivory Montauk and I’m already eyeing up the bath towel to have the complete set!” -Bekah

Supporting small businesses is a win-win for everyone involved, and they often offer unique and high-quality products that can't be found in larger retail stores. These items not only represent exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in our communities but also the spirit of entrepreneurship. By choosing these amazing products, you're not only getting something special but also helping small business owners thrive!