Home & Loft is a women owned and run globally inspired retail and wholesale textile brand; uniting the unique craftsmanship of Mediterranean artisans with 21st century urban design.
home and loft founder handan anlar
About the Founder - Handan Anlar 

“Growing up in Istanbul, Turkey, I was surrounded by talented artisans and beautiful textiles made from the best cotton in the world. It inspired me to pursue a career in design and, in the 1990s, I came to the United States to obtain a graphic arts degree. After graduating, I moved to New York City and worked in the high-end retail/fashion industry.

My love for colors, patterns, and beautiful handmade textiles, however, never faded, so after twenty years of working in corporate retail, I founded Home and Loft — a home and lifestyle textile brand that supports and empowers Turkish artisans in the ancient weaving tradition. 

My line of artisan made luxury textiles are hand loomed using only the purest of materials - cotton, linen, and wool. Each piece is expertly crafted with both form and function in mind, introducing rich artisanal tradition to the modern market. 

I am passionate about designing ethically made natural fiber textiles that not only appeal to consumers but empower the makers. In a predominantly mass made market, I believe that small batch goods are a more sustainable option for the welfare of our makers and the environment.  

Each year, I travel to Turkey to discover new talented artisans and innovative ways to bring my collections to the next level. I enjoy traveling to small villages and meeting families, artisans, and women who are life long makers. I respect so much of their hospitality, craftsmanship, and work. At the end of the each visit I feel very connected, loved, and welcomed.  

I am hoping the keep the tradition alive and bring you the best quality handcrafted textiles.

With each piece made and sold, Home & Loft stays true to its core values: beautiful, sustainable, authentic craft.” 

image of home and loft owner handan anlar

home and loft photo of owner handan anlar* Lower images courtesy of Scott Trudd Events and Field + Supply.