Wrapping up Summertime Movies!

In an unexpected collaboration, the upcoming Barbie and Oppenheimer movie has piqued the interest of both fashion enthusiasts and history buffs alike. This unusual pairing of movies with very different plots make a fun combo to watch all in one day. Here's an exciting idea for a full day of the new films of the summer! 

In the early afternoon, you could walk down to the theater with your new Gypsy Pink Tribeca Dress or Gypsy Pink Tribeca Long Sleeve Kaftan! After the new release, you head out to lunch with all your friends talking about the fashion and jokes throughout the film. 

Then comes afternoon and your showtime for Oppenheimer is around the corner! As the sun sets, it is time to change into your new Brown Grey Nomad Long Sleeve Maxi Kaftan or Brown Cream Nomad Poncho for the historical thriller. Then head out for ice cream for a quick glimpse of joy, after 3 hours of the intense scientific film.  

Whenever and how you see these summertime blockbusters, make sure to enjoy them both with Home & Loft products to keep comfortable and cozy!

Xx, Handan