Brown is in.

“This season we're all about the versatile and underrated power of brown. And you don't have to take our complete word for it — the brown color trend has been increasingly adopted by the fashion cognoscenti for its calming groundedness and neutrality.” — Refinery 29

You heard it here friends, brown is the new neutral. And we are loving it! Style geniuses like Vogue, Architectural Digest, and The Zoe Report are all saying the same thing. Brown is in. 

So bring out all of your beautiful brown tones this season as we transition from summer resort wear to fall staples. We’re seeing brown paired with other neutrals or layered over like tones. But some of our favorite styles have a pop of color. Jackets, scarves, shoes. You name it, the style icons are wearing it. 

And if you’re looking to add a new piece to your wardrobe or home decor, stop by our brown trend collection to browse a few handmade beauties! 


Xx, Handan

home and loft brown trend image
*Images from Pinterest (Brown Color Trend 2022) and Home & Loft.