Woven Beach bags by The Jacksons

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with The Jacksons to add a stunning new line of woven beach bags to our store! As with all of our products, we strive to always make a positive social and environmental impact on our world. And because of that, we just adore The Jackson's mission. 

"To be an ethical brand taking a responsible approach to materials and the planet whilst helping to strengthen women’s role in society." - Louise Jackson

Their Story:

The beautiful and durable hand-crafted jute “word-bags” from The Jacksons are a joyous outcome of the design collaboration between Louise and the skillful handicraft workers in south-west Bangladesh.  

The partnership began in 2012 and, since then, they are now working closely with over 3000 women in an area where there are few job opportunities. Their ultimate goal is to help overcome poverty and improve women’s social standing through remaining true to their code of ethics: fair trade, responsible production, sustainable materials, ethically sound office practices, and sustainable development. 

Through the sale of their handmade bags, The Jacksons have been able to provide access to free medical care and education along with giving direct payment to the women artisans so that they can maintain independence and status.


We're looking forward to welcoming you into this exciting new partnership and we can wait for you to experience our new woven beach bags! You can shop this new line here.

*Images and story text from The Jackson's website and instagram.