Holiday Gift Guide

Home & Loft Holiday Gift Guide
The Self Care Enthusiast — Bathrobe + Towel Set
2020 has been quite a year. Can we get an amen to that? So at the top of our list this season is one of our favorite pairings, the short bathrobe and full towel set to make all of your self care dreams come true. Both pieces are handwoven from 100% Turkish cotton and get softer and more luxurious with wear!
Shop Robe | $98 
Shop Towel | $52
The Host — Tablecloth
Did you know that our towels and blankets can double as tablecloths? Our full towels look lovely on a table for two or four. Gift your favorite host a beautiful handwoven cotton tablecloth to compliment their holiday decor! And as a bonus, they can bring it along in the future as a summer picnic blanket! 
Shop | $52
The Cozy One — Wool Throw
Who loves to come home, relax on the couch, and cozy up in a blanket?? Winter is the time of year that we love to pull out all of our favorite blankets and live in a constant state of hygge. Our handwoven wool throws make the perfect thoughtful gifts to all of your cozy loving friends and family!
Shop | $92.50
The Reader — Long Bathrobe
“Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful!” Our long bathrobe, the perfect remedy for a chilly day. Grab a hot cup of tea and cozy up by the fireplace in one of our 100% Turkish cotton long bathrobes. And the best part? The more you wear (and wash) your robe, the softer it will become! 
Shop | $118
The Traveler — Towel
We know that just about everyone is eager to hop on a plane and take a little vacation. We certainly are! But even though our travel plans might be on hold for now, treat yourself (or a loved one) to the best little travel companion: the travel towel. Our handwoven cotton towels are the most versatile pieces we carry - they can be a towel, a scarf, a small blanket, etc. Lightweight, compact, and extremely handy, you won’t want to travel without them! 
Shop | $52
The Baker — Hand Towel
Treat your favorite baker to a handwoven cotton hand towel that is both functional and beautiful! Our 100% Turkish cotton hand towels are known for their stunning design, durability, and absorbency. Hand loomed and hand dyed by skilled artisans, they are beautifully soft and suited for everyday use. 
Shop | $19