More Than Just A Towel

We get this question all the time, “Is it a towel or a scarf? Or a small tablecloth?” And our response? It’s whatever you want it to be! 

The beauty of our Turkish towels are that they are so versatile. They can be a towel, sarong, scarf, wrap, small tablecloth, etc. Keep a set in your bathroom for after shower luxury and a few more in your closet to wear out on the town! We love styling our towels as blanket scarves and we know that you’ll fall in love with them as soon as you try it. Need a little inspiration? Check out our latest instagram reel for all the styling fun. 

Hot tip — All of our pieces are woven with 100% Turkish cotton selected from the highest quality batches and sourced locally. The fibers that we use are unprocessed and therefore are slightly stiff before washing. We recommend soaking your towel for a few hours and then putting it through a wash and dry cycle to loosen the fibers and create a softer more luxurious scarf. The best part? Your towel will get better and softer with each use and wash! So don’t fret if it comes out of the packaging feeling a little starchy. It will soften so beautifully you’ll never want to take it off! 

Want to shop a few of our styles, we’d love to help! Click here for our towel (or scarf) collection. 

home and loft turkish towel worn as a scarf