Why handmade?

Handmade product or piece was crafted by hand and not by a machine. Handmade products are truly unique.

Every item is different from the other, and doing the process by hand we can have the control over all the aspects and details of it, making it special for everyone who will use it.

Handmade objects have an inherent meaning and power, and are special because they are created with time, skills, and care. Today, countless products ranging from luxury goods, clothing, accessories, and even cars to everyday items, cosmetics, and furniture are handmade. 

They provide a sense of accomplishment to the maker, who takes pride in knowing that her /his work is valued by those who will use it. The process of making gives a new cycle of meaning to the world that can be experienced only by those willing to give themselves to the process.

Handmade objects are not mass-produced and therefore are made with special care. When we make those, we connect with life more deeply, which makes our products more natural, organic and beautiful.

Now that you understand the importance of handmade,  you're ready to start shopping for unique and beautiful pieces made by hand that will support small businesses, artisans, and artists. 

We invite you to browse our vast collection of handmade ranging from towels, blankets, tabletops and loungewear. All ethically crafted through small-batch production with all-natural ingredients and materials. 

Thanks for reading.